Cookie Jars for Christmas

Have you thought of what to give this Christmas?  Why not a personalized cookie jar?  I’m sure the recipient of your gift will be very happy to receive such cute present from you.  If you like to give one, I’m selling cookie jars this holiday season at a very friendly price.  Each cookie jar is designed with love and contains a mix of delicious treats like chocolate chip cookies, crinkles, snickerdoodles, soft christmas cookies, whoopie pies, rolled sugar cookies and many more.  Place your order now (please give me 3 days to one week for your order). Spread sweetness this Christmas! 🙂

For your orders, please leave a message here with your email ad.

Lucky Sweet Treat on 11.11.11

Since many believed that the date 11.11.11 is lucky, I was inspired to launch this blog on the said date.  On the same day, I made a personalized gift item to a friend of mine, Sir Gilbert, who was celebrating his 55th birthday. Here’s what I made which I called “flower muffins” (oh yeah, you can argue with me that it doesn’t look like flowers at all but I will try next time to make it appear like one… that’s a promise to you and a challenge to my self :)).

For the flowers, I used cheese muffins placed in colorful muffin papers.  Then I inserted marshmallows in lollipop sticks with blue ribbons before inserting in the muffins.  I put a small styropor inside a cute cup so that I can insert the lollipop sticks.

I also wrote a greeting on the cup using a dimensional and craft paint pen (need to practice more and improve my penmanship, hehe). Just make sure you do the writing a day before to give time to the paint to dry completely.

Before giving it to the celebrant, I wrapped it with a clear Japanese cellophane.

I accept orders for personalized gift items using pastries (like cookie jars, etc) at a friendly price.  Just leave a message here and your email ad. 🙂