My Girl’s Birthday Cake

It’s a late post but I love to share to you my little girl’s birthday cake which I specially made for her.  Cache turned four last April 15.  We celebrated it at McDonalds (Gensan).  It was a fun party attended by our relatives and friends.

Here’s the cake I made for Cache.  The flavors are chocolate and vanilla covered with ganache and fondant.  I also made the girl topper.  I’m happy that Cache loved her cake. Nothing left of the cake (everybody had a delicious sweet treat) except the topper and candle which I kept as souvenirs.  Happy birthday again anak…Itay and Inay love you much!

My Christmas Wishlist

It’s almost Christmas, my favorite time of the year.  Well, I would like to share to you my Christmas wishlist.  Aside from wishing good health, more blessings for the family and world peace, my wishlist includes my “other wants” for the year 2012. Who knows, Santa might be reading this blog and he would give me one of these (hoping mode). 🙂

1. Top of my list is a devotional or inspirational book which I can read daily for 365 days on 2012.

2. I wish for more recipe books on baking / pastry and cake decorating.

3. I love making breads but the kneading part is really laborious.  So I wish for a bread maker to make life easy for me. 🙂

4. A scholarship.  I’m serious with this (Itay Dabs, hope you read this post of mine).  I want to enroll in a short course in baking and cake decorating.  We all know that a course like this is quiet expensive that’s why I need a scholarship grant (wink).

5. I wish to learn how to take good photos of the food I made.

6. More kitchen and baking essentials.

7. I like to have an Apple iPhone or Samsung Android Phone.

8. Traveling makes me happy so I would love to go to Boracay and Singapore.

9. I badly need a new sling bag because the one given by my sister is ready to retire now (calling Chikai…I love another Coach or other good brands, hehe).

10. And lastly, I want a long-wearing pink lipstick and an Olay (syempre, pa-beauty naman tayo). 🙂

How about you…have you made your Christmas wishlist already?  If you do, blog it now.  Who knows, you will be first on Santa’s list. 🙂



Why CookingPinay?


(I got these cute  pictures from the internet)

Two years ago, I had the opportunity to take a short course in Commercial Cooking (Hot Kitchen) in a trade school here in Gensan.  We were taught how to prepare and cook different viands that are usually serve in restaurants.  I enrolled in that course for the only reason that I want to learn how to cook so that I can prepare delicious food for my husband and daughter.

Then last summer, I was encouraged by my cousins to take baking lessons.  Since I’m interested to learn how to bake, I really enjoyed our class.  I learned a lot about the basics and principles of baking. After that I proceeded on taking up a two-week course on Cold Kitchen (preparing desserts).  Few months later (August), I took a short course on bread and pastry making in Gerardos, a culinary school here in Gensan.

During that time, the thought of having a food blog popped into my mind.  Together with hubby, we searched on the internet several available domain names.  What I really want at first was to focus on sweets, pastries and anything about baking for this blog but then I realized that a food blog should cover anything about food in general.  That’s when we chose CookingPinay to be the name of this blog, simple and easy to remember (hubby actually registered also the domain name PinayCooking because he’s thinking that I might change my mind again…knowing me to be fickle-minded sometimes, hehe).

That’s it…a brief history of this blog! 🙂