Baking Class for Kids

Thumbs up to all kids who joined our baking class.  Thanks also for their supportive parents.  Here are some pics of our fun fun fun and yum yum yum classes!!!

Watch out for our next baking class.  For inquiries, text me at 09232466773.

Baking 101 and Fondant Cake Decorating Class

When I started baking “seriously” (wink) last year, I’ve been wanting to enroll in a cake decorating class.  I’m always fascinated by the beautiful creations of cake artists and I often wonder how do they do it.  So I told myself that I should learn how to decorate cakes also.  And so last February 2-4, I attended a Baking 101 and Fondant Cake Decorating Class in Davao which was organized by a cake maker, Hannah of Cuppycakes.  Our instructor was Atty. Miles Acoba of Bake It Dainty (you read it right, she’s a lawyer), a cake artist based in the United States.  I’m glad I attended the class because it was full of fun and learning. Here are some of our photos…enjoy! 🙂