What’s For Breakfast?

After weeks of waiting, CookingPinay is back with me.  Now I can blog again and write about my recent adventures in my little kitchen.  I’ve been quite busy the past days because of baking.  On my next post I will show to you my sweet creations.  But allow me to share to you one my fave breakfast food (I mean pre-breakfast food because I always eat rice and viand for breakfast 🙂 ).

Usually, when I wake up in the morning I drink a cup of hot fresh milk with chocolate Nesquik and eat two slices of cream bread (yah, just two), either dip it on the choco-milk drink or put sandwich spread.  If I’m in the mood or craving for it, I prepare french toast like what I did yesterday for my pre-breakfast food :).  How about you…what’s your breakfast meal?




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