Baked Tilapia and Potatoes

It’s obvious that I’m in love with my oven.  Even cooking viands, I sometimes do it in the oven.  My counter-top oven is indeed very useful and helpful to me, making baking and cooking easy.  Anyway, last week I made a baked tilapia with potatoes.  Actually it’s my second time to do it and I’m making another one tomorrow.  I just love it…I find it very delicious and fuss-free to make.

You need FRESH tilapia (I buy live tilapia in a local grocery here), potatoes, tomatoes, ginger, onion and garlic.  Rub the fish with salt and pepper and then slice the rest of the ingredients. Add a generous amount of butter into it. For a medium-sized tilapia, 20 minutes is enough to cook it.

Here’s my baked tilapia with potatoes:


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