French Toast, Fresh Milk and Cranberry Juice

If you don’t like to eat rice for your breakfast,  you can have bread and milk and even fruit juice instead.  That’s what I did a couple of weeks ago.  For my bread, I made some french toast.  This is very easy to make.  Just prepare some slices of bread, egg, butter, sweetened milk, pinch of salt and syrup (optional).  Soak the bread in the egg-milk mixture (with a little salt) and then cook until golden brown in a non-stick pan coated with butter.  You can put syrup or even cinnamon on top of the bread for added taste.  Pair the french toast with fresh milk and fruit juice.  Happy breakfast!

Baked Tilapia and Potatoes

It’s obvious that I’m in love with my oven.  Even cooking viands, I sometimes do it in the oven.  My counter-top oven is indeed very useful and helpful to me, making baking and cooking easy.  Anyway, last week I made a baked tilapia with potatoes.  Actually it’s my second time to do it and I’m making another one tomorrow.  I just love it…I find it very delicious and fuss-free to make.

You need FRESH tilapia (I buy live tilapia in a local grocery here), potatoes, tomatoes, ginger, onion and garlic.  Rub the fish with salt and pepper and then slice the rest of the ingredients. Add a generous amount of butter into it. For a medium-sized tilapia, 20 minutes is enough to cook it.

Here’s my baked tilapia with potatoes:


My First Order of Fondant Cake

After the fondant cake decorating class I’ve attended, I opened my door to accepting cake orders.  Last year, some of my relatives and friends would order from me but I always turned them down.  Because I felt that I’m not yet ready especially on the part of cake decorating.  Now that my confidence on cake-making took a step higher, I accepted the challenge (wink).  My first customer is my pretty cousin who celebrated her 10th birthday last February 25.  She requested for a flower-butterfly cake with 50 cupcakes so she can share it with her classmates.  To be honest, I was really stressed the entire week making the cake (I had to make the fondant icing thrice).  You have to understand me as this was my first ordered cake so I need to make a good impression. 🙂

Here’s the cake…what can you say?

In making this cake, my only prayer was for the birthday girl to be happy with her cake. And guess what?  She was overjoyed when she saw the cake and cupcakes.  She told me she loved it and so were her guests and classmates.  I am also very happy and thankful.  To God be the glory for giving me this opportunity to make people happy through my cakes and cupcakes.

Sofia, the birthday girl

For my next order, it’s a Piglet cake (from Winnie the Pooh and Friends).  Good luck to me again! 🙂