Cuchinta (Kutsinta)

When I was still a kid, I was a big fan of puto (steamed rice cake).  Me and my siblings would eagerly wait for the “puto man” every morning  so that we can have a taste of the delicious and hot puto.  We would choose a variety of colors like white, yellow and violet. There was also cuchinta beside the puto but we usually snob it.  That time, I didn’t like the taste of this sticky brown rice cake. Well, years later there’s a big change in my taste bud because now I like cuchinta as much as like eating puto.  Recently, I was able to purchase a steamer and so I decided to make a cuchinta.

Making a cuchinta is very easy and you only need few ingredients.  You can use rice or All-Purpose flour, brown sugar, water and the most important is the lyle solution (you can buy this in the market or from a bakery supply store) which will make your cuchinta sticky.  Just mix everything and strain before putting in the molder.  Then steam it for 25 minutes or until done.

Cuchinta is best served with cheese or freshly grated coconut as toppings.


Ensaymada, Serve It Hot!

We always have bread in the house.  Obviously, we love bread and this is the reason I was so eager to learn how to make breads.  The first bread I made was pandesal which Filipinos really love to eat and my personal favorite also.  Another fave of mine is the delicious ensaymada.  In this post, I will be sharing to you my first attempt to make ensaymada at home.

First, I blend together all dry ingredients (All-Purpose flour, powdered milk and salt) using hands.  Then I added the shortening, margarine, butter, BOS (butter oil substitute) and egg yolk.   Afterwards, I gradually added the water with sugar and yeast dissolved on it.

I kneaded the dough until it became smooth and elastic. Then I put it in a greased bowl and let it rise for more than an hour (until double in size). Note: Cover the bowl with cling wrap.

I divided the dough then shaped it in a greased mould.  Then I let it rest for 30 minutes.  I was supposed to put an ube filling in this ensaymada but I got tired from kneading so I wasn’t able to make the filling (bread maker…where are you?).  Again, here’s my little girl…she’s my model.

After proofing the dough, I then put sugar and cheese as toppings.  Then I baked the ensaymada at 375 F for 25 minutes.  I actually overbaked it here, look at the browned cheese but hubby said it’s still yummy…thanks for the support Dabs. 🙂

Ensaymada for me is best served hot and you can partner it with a cup of coffee for breakfast or merienda.

My Christmas Wishlist

It’s almost Christmas, my favorite time of the year.  Well, I would like to share to you my Christmas wishlist.  Aside from wishing good health, more blessings for the family and world peace, my wishlist includes my “other wants” for the year 2012. Who knows, Santa might be reading this blog and he would give me one of these (hoping mode). 🙂

1. Top of my list is a devotional or inspirational book which I can read daily for 365 days on 2012.

2. I wish for more recipe books on baking / pastry and cake decorating.

3. I love making breads but the kneading part is really laborious.  So I wish for a bread maker to make life easy for me. 🙂

4. A scholarship.  I’m serious with this (Itay Dabs, hope you read this post of mine).  I want to enroll in a short course in baking and cake decorating.  We all know that a course like this is quiet expensive that’s why I need a scholarship grant (wink).

5. I wish to learn how to take good photos of the food I made.

6. More kitchen and baking essentials.

7. I like to have an Apple iPhone or Samsung Android Phone.

8. Traveling makes me happy so I would love to go to Boracay and Singapore.

9. I badly need a new sling bag because the one given by my sister is ready to retire now (calling Chikai…I love another Coach or other good brands, hehe).

10. And lastly, I want a long-wearing pink lipstick and an Olay (syempre, pa-beauty naman tayo). 🙂

How about you…have you made your Christmas wishlist already?  If you do, blog it now.  Who knows, you will be first on Santa’s list. 🙂